Chaz and Nick have made it a 1-2 at the VALO Adelaide 500

Chaz and Nick have made it a 1-2 at the VALO Adelaide 500, standing next to each other on the podium in the penultimate race of the year.

The 1-2 finish was an amazing day or our entire team, dedicated to the holden fans who have supported us for over three decades.

It wasn’t just any old race either…

After a tricky shootout lap for Chaz and qualifying for Nick, we had to earn it, but it was a true team performance, from strategy, stops, to drivers.

The race was somewhat uneventful early, but with 40 to go, it all turned to madness.

A safety car meant a double stack, and thanks to some clever strategy, Car 25 got all the remaining fuel required in, and Nick stopped twice to ensure the same.

What that meant is that both cars knew they could make it to the end, when most couldn’t… a credit to the team to summing up the situation perfectly.

Chaz was promoted to the lead with 28 to go in the Mobil 1 Optus Racing No. 25, and Nick was in P3. With a smart pass around the outside, Nick moved into second, and the two WAU cars led the field.

For the next 27 laps, Nick had our old mate JC breathing down his neck, with the gap never bigger than 1 second, and he never blinked in the Mobil 1 NTI Racing No. 2.

Chaz was 3 seconds up the road watching it unfold in the mirror, but both boys didn’t put a foot wrong and ensured a 1-2 finish – a fitting result with all that this weekend means.

“Today was just unbelievable, hard to put into words how much it really means.

“The team were incredible, everyone of them here and at home, strategy was amazing and we improved the car all day, so full credit to them.

“To get a 1-2 finish, here in Adelaide which is so special to me and my family, with these liveries, it just doesn’t get much better. 

Thank you to everyone, from the team, our partners, and the fans.”